Men’s Ministry

A different kind of Men's Ministry

 (Power, Perseverance, Prayer & Purpose)

We believe that far too long, most men have not been comfortable with the “feminine” style of church. It is sometimes hard to get men to “sit still and pay attention” when their whole life is filled with fixing things and action.

We set an environment for men to experience a ministry designed for them. We have outings and teaching that are especially designed to meet the men where they are at.

We make every attempt possible to show other men they do not have to be afraid of becoming a man of God. Men need fellowship in some other areas besides singing and sitting still with their hands folded in their laps.

If you are a man and you have been steering away from church because it just seemed like a ladies’ thing, then you owe it to yourself to come and check this group out.

Come and experience a different kind of Men’s Ministry.



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