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Help us Reach our Goal of $10,000 this Year.

What is “Jesus Cares”?

Jesus cares is where the church and community come together to   show some needy families in our area that Jesus really does care  for them and He shows it through people. During the upcoming  weeks, we will be visiting many local businesses and allowing  them the 0pportunity to take part in this tremendous Christmas  program.

 How Does it Work?

A “Jesus Cares Store” is setup a few days before Christmas, where the families we are helping come and shop without the need for money. After they have picked out the gifts for each child, the gifts are then wrapped, as the parents sign a card to place on each gift. This allows the parents to be involved in the gift rather than having them feel like they have received a “handout”. In fact, parents have the option of requesting a special gift that they know their child wants (i.e., Bicycle, Roller Blades, Barbie Doll, etc.). In addition to the the gifts for each child, we give each family a large supply of groceries. We also setup a “Clothing Store” and give each family the opportunity to take home any donated clothing.
Refreshments are served and an opportunity to pray for any needs the family may have is offered.

How are the Families Chosen to Participate in Jesus Cares?

We depend on members of the community to recommend families who may need help.  We also work with agencies such as Catholic Social Services, Christian Service Center,  Ecumenical Ministries, and other local churches. Each family is screened discreetly with    the help of other agencies to insure that we are not giving to a family that is already  receiving help. We are very careful to determine that a family is in real need before asking  them if they would like to participate in our program

How Many Families Receive Help?

This will be our 24th year of hosting Jesus Cares. Over the past 21 years, we have been  able to bless over 2,000 families with gifts for children, parents and occasionally  grandparents. That means we have touched about 6,600 people’s lives in our community. Everything donated to this program will be used to bless struggling families during this time.  This year the United States Marines, “Toys for Tots” will join us again.

Aren’t You Duplicating Services Already Being Offered?

No. the number of those in need in our community is staggering. Although there are many fine agencies that supply similar services, we fill a unique need that is not typically addressed by the standard assistance programs in the community. Our mission is to show families that Jesus really does care about them and loves them. It is not our intention to compete with anyone, but we want to help provide for those who may have “slipped through the cracks” and are in real need of help.

How Can I Help?

It takes an enormous amount of goods and finances to bless families in our program. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.  This year we need to raise $10,000.


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