Faith By Fire

Faith is that which pleases God and endears his ears to your requests.
Faith is not emotion – but it most certainly increases the joy of life

Faith sits waiting for you to pick it up and do something with it

Faith does not wait on anyone but it will never deny any prayer requested of it

Faith is a choice not just a belief

When your body is broken and weak – Faith says get up and Praise God

When your family is broken and hurting – Faith tells the devil to shut-up and get out of thy house

When your finances are lacking – Faith says my God is more than sufficient for all my needs

When your spouse just walked out the door with luggage – Faith says my God’s grace is sufficient for me and he will prevail

When the doctor calls with bad news – Faith says my God is THE God who heals all my diseases

When trials and tribulations come, and they will – Faith says My God Shall Bring Me Through Them All

Faith never sleeps, never tires, never grows hungry, never backs up, never backs down, never believes anything contrary to the unfailing Word of God.

You too can have faith – Just choose to believe.  You say, I hurt, I’m broke, I’m sick, I am weary.  Well Amen!  You are a prime candidate for the Glory of God to come into your life and achieve victory on your behalf.  God will never never get the glory where you are strong.  In your failures, weaknesses, and fears..there God comes forth like a mighty rushing wind and blows the living daylights out of those life situations trying to stop his perfect will for your life.

Jesus said in John 14 “Ask anything in my name, and I will do it.”

Just ask and stand on it – he will dispatch help from on high. Don’t become weary during the flight of your blessing from heavens gates.  It shall surely come in due season.

Stay strong in the Lord and love him with all of your heart, mind, strength, and soul.  He most certainly is worthy of your whole heart.


Brian and Melinda Ward


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